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Automotive restoration can be a daunting undertaking, with most projects costing more than the finished restored vehicle is worth. At A List Detail, we have nearly a decade of experience doing partial and complete automotive restorations. Whether you have a more current super car or a vintage specialty vehicle we can help.

We are passionate about cars, so we have developed procedures that can reduce the cost of automotive restoration without reducing the quality of the work. This helps you ensure that the cost of the restoration isn't more than the value of the car. Most restoration shops don't care what the finished car is worth. They work by the hour plus materials and hand you a bill.

At A List Detail we are automotive restoration experts but we don't charge like most of them. We can restore panels, wheels, leather interiors and provide a host of other services. Call us today and discuss your special project. Maybe there is a way we can help you finally get it done without breaking the bank. We've restored a lot of vintage European sport cars as well as domestic vintage specialty cars. We are experts with air-cooled vintage Porsche cars but have also worked on Ferrari and domestic sport cars like Corvette and T-Bird



With nearly a decade of experience restoring and enhancing leather interiors, we may be able to work miracles with your specialty cars leather interior and help you avoid expensive upholstery charges.  In many cases old leather can be rejuvenated and recolored as opposed to being removed and replaced.  Using original factory dyes and materials we can bring your leather back to life while maintaining it’s originality.

Any automotive restoration is incomplete if your original factory wheels are damaged from years of neglect.  We can restore your wheels back to original color and standards relatively inexpensively.  We have repaired and refurbished tons of wheels for Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW.  We’ve done lots of vintage wheel restoration and worked on plenty of modern stuff as well.  If your restoration project is going to need some wheel repair, we can handle it.