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If the paint isn’t right on your special vehicle, then nothing will be right.  Paint is the most significant aspect of your vehicle’s appearance. Unfortunately, the environment, improper washing techniques including machine washing, and sun damage can age your paint prematurely making your whole car look tired and subpar.

Paint Correction is the systematic removal of contaminants, damage and oxidation that can make your paint look old before it’s time.  When completed properly, your paint is returned to its original condition.  At A-List Detail we have more than 20,000 hours of paint correction experience.  We have worked on everything from Porsche to Rolls Royce and have extensive experience with exotic cars.  We are experts on vintage 1-stage paint and are fully experienced with modern day clear coated paints.  Fully 40% of the vehicles we work on are exotic cars or hyper-luxury cars.

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable full-service paint correction salon in Fort Worth, but that doesn’t mean our work is less perfect than our more expensive competitors.  We have no problem with what some of them charge for these services, but we do think it is somewhat disingenuous for them to charge twice or three times as much as we do, and then have the work done by a 19-year-old kid with 1 year of experience.  You think the veteran that owns the shop will work on your car, but you would be wrong.

At A-List Detail Fort Worth, I personally coordinate all paint correction efforts myself.  I do not let anyone touch the paint other than me.  EVER.

Once you have perfected your paint, make sure to keep it that way with a protective ceramic coating.  For vintage and classic vehicles, proper paint correction might just be the first step in restoring your prized vehicle.  Check out our other restoration services as well.

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Of all the things we can do at A-List Detail Fort Worth, we are probably the best at paint correction.  With more than 20,000 hours clocked in on this often-painstaking process, you can understand why.  We have honed our skills on all sorts of painted surfaces.  From vintage one-stage paint to modern tri-color coats.  Getting the paint right is the most important component to make your vehicle look perfect.  That’s why we put so much time in on it.

We have three distinct classes of paint correction.  Phase 1 is the most basic and is included in our standard details.  It is not an ala carte service.  It includes hand washing, claying and buffing and polishing of high wear areas on the vehicle.

Phase 2 is much more involved and usually requires one full workday and occasionally extends to two days depending on the condition of and type of vehicle.  It includes everything in Phase 1, however, it expands on the buffing and polishing significantly.  The Phase 2 paint correction process usually removes upwards of 75 to 80% of surface issues.

Phase 3 is our most intense paint correction program and can take several days to complete.  It can include such things as full panel wet-sanding and is appropriate as a finishing step to a newly painted vehicle.  Phase 3 paint correction projects usually take a minimum of three days and can take as long as a full week to complete.  The Phase 3 paint correction process usually removes 90 to 95% of surface issues.

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