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Automotive Protective Coatings

Automotive protective coatings were originally used on super cars like Ferrari and McLaren.  These vehicles came out of the factory with super-thin clear coat in an attempt to reduce weight as much as possible.  Ceramic coatings allowed these vehicles to be driven without the concern for damaging that ultra-thin factory clear coat.   Now ceramic coating and even Graphene coating have come down in price.  This means much needed paint and glass protection is available for cars and trucks driven every day. 

There are three things that protective coatings do for you.  First, coatings are stronger than clear coat so they can resist most scratches.  Second, coatings create a protective layer between the elements and your paint and make it easier to wash and keep clean.  Finally, coatings offer a level of protection that enhances the value of your car.

Industry best automotive protective coatings for your vehicles exterior

Automotive protective coatings includes a lot of different products.  The industry was actually started by a college kid.  That’s right, a student at Oregon State University developed a type of acrylic he could apply to an automotive paint finish.  When fully hardened, the acrylic (ceramic) coating created a super-strong barrier over the paint.  9H Ceramic coating became a staple of the auto detailing industry. 

What do protective coatings do besides protecting against scratches?   For one, they also make it easier to keep your car clean.   Normal road contaminant has a harder time adhering to the protective coating so cleaning the vehicle is easier.   Protective coatings reduce the need for detailing your car significantly. in addition, they make the car worth more since it already has protection in place.

Today consumers can get even stronger coatings like Graphene.  Award winning products like Glassparency help to protect your car’s windows.  It’s easier than ever to protect every exterior component of your car. 

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