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 Your Car is Special.  Treat it That Way with a Professional Ceramic Coating


A List Detail Fort Worth is your Ceramic Coating Fort Worth Headquarters.  With nearly 200 satisfied ceramic coating customers in the Fort Worth area, we pride ourselves on providing the best, and most affordable ceramic coating options for Fort Worth luxury and specialty car owners.

CERAMIC COATING FORT WORTH:  Why Weather Conditions Here Make Ceramic Coating a Must


Texas is a state where protecting your car’s paint and other components isn’t so much a luxury as it is a necessity.  According to the National Weather Service, Texas is the fourth sunniest state in the country with over 5780 hours of intense sun each year.   Texas averages 271 sunny or mostly sunny days per year with some years hitting numbers as high as 350.  That means only 15 days where the sun isn’t baking your cars paint.  UV damage to automotive paint is one of the reasons we say that ceramic coating is a must in Texas.  Weve seen relatively new cars with clearcoat peeling off the basecoat more times than we can count.  It’s even worse for your headlights and rubber trim.

Ceramic coating can help delay or even stop UV damage to your paint, trim and headlights.  It can even protect the soft materials inside your vehicle such as leather and vinyl.

Chemical Resistance

Ceramic coating your car, truck or SUV also protects against both environmental chemical contaminants (like acid rain) as well a man-made chemical (think road tar or paint overspray).  It can reduce the challenges of water spotting and protect against damage caused by bird droppings or tree sap.

Scratch Resistance

One of the unfortunate truths about ceramic coating is that it does not seem to be as good at stopping small scratches as it was a decade ago when I started installing it on luxury cars. I’m not sure why but it seems as if less Si02 is being used in modern ceramic coatings.  Not sure.

All ceramic coatings will help prevent minor scratches but the layers are so thin it is still possible to scratch your vehicle if you wash it incorrectly or worse, run it through a machine wash.  For most of our clients our best-in-class ceramics work just fine, and they have very few scratching issues.  For those who are bit more aggressive with their cars we have a self-healing and award-winning ceramic called “Revivify” that can actually heal small scratches just with the application of heat.

At A-List Detail we take ceramic coating Fort Worth luxury and specialty vehicles very seriously.   The biggest difference you will notice between us and all the other “ceramic coating” professionals out there is price.  We are routinely told by our customers that we have better packages at 1/2 the average price of our competitors.  No wonder they spend so much on advertising.  Remember Google ads aren’t just about helping you find a service provider but also hiding other service providers that might be better for you.  Our competitors don’t want you to find about us.  If you did, they couldn’t command $1,500 to $2,000 for a ceramic coating.

We have several ceramic coating packages that are available.  Our basic package is a super-strong dual coating 10H ceramic that is rated to last 3-5 years.  From there we have packages that include self-correcting ceramic coatings as well as the industry leading strongest coating on the market, Borophene.  One thing we will always adhere to is that ceramic coating Fort Worth luxury cars shouldn’t break the bank.  Our packages are affordable, transparent and all come with annual maintenance packages, saving you money and extending the life of your ceramic coating.

Most exotic and super-car owners are pretty knowledgeable about ceramic coating.  However, more and more conventional car owners are coming to the understanding that protective coatings are crucial to increasing the longevity of their vehicle’s paint.  If you are very new to the concept of protective ceramic coatings, here are the basic things you need to understand.

When we are ceramic coating Fort Worth Luxury and Exotic cars one of the best aspects of doing it is the long-term friendships we make with the owners.  We act as personal consultants educating them on how best to maintain their cars.  If you are new to ceramic coating, the following information is all you really need to know.


Ceramic Coating Provides the Following Benefits

  1. Protects Against Dirt, and Environmental Contaminants
  2. Protects Against UV Oxidation
  3. Protects Against Scratches
  4. Simplifies Cleaning and Maintenance
  5. Improves Value Especially with Carfax Documentation

The price of professional ceramic coatings has come down so that even more conventional cars can afford to be protected.  We are committed to making ceramic coating Fort Worth luxury and specialty cars affordable and simple.  Interested in ceramic coating for your special car, truck or SUV?  Click on the button below to learn more.

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Automotive protective coatings include a lot of different products but the basic chemical that does all the work is (SiO2), an acrylic coating that creates a super-strong barrier over the paint.

Most Detail Shops that provide ceramic coating services get married to one product provider.  They often find a ceramic coating manufacturer they like and get coerced into buying the whole family of products from them.  We do not do that and here’s why.  Most of these “ceramic coating producers” that offer a “family of products” have one good core product, and then they buy the other products from Chinese manufacturers and repackage them.   So, you will get their ceramic for painted surfaces, and then a bunch of stuff for windows, leather, wheels that they had nothing to do with making.

In contrast when we are ceramic coating Fort Worth luxury cars, we use the best products we can get in every category to ensure our customers are getting the best overall ceramic experience.  For example, we use Glassparency on the windows which is the best glass protection on the market, and we use ColourLocke on leather which is the best leather protection in the world.

Ceramic Coating Fort Worth:  Evolution

Today consumers can get even stronger coatings like Graphene and permanent coatings like Borophene, the strongest coating on the market today.  We even have ceramic coatings that are self-correcting (Revivify) and can eliminate scratches just by sitting in the sun just like much more expensive paint protection film.  Our process of ceramic coating Fort Worth luxury and specialty cars includes long term relationships with the owner to ensure their vehicle stays showroom new for years to come.

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Make sure your paint is in perfect condition before considering ceramic coating it.  Check out our paint correction services beforehand.
It’s never been a better time for ceramic coating Fort Worth luxury and exotic cars.  Protect your investment.  Call us today.