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a list detail is Luxury auto and exotic car detailing done right.

A List Detail was formed so that people with luxury or exotic cars could get top-level restorative detail work done at moderate prices.  But what is an auto detail and how does it differ from a good car wash?   Very good question.  Here in Texas people use drive-thru car washes pretty extensively.  Although it’s a good way to keep your car looking good from a distance, it is murder on your paint and will not remove lots of road-based contaminants that build up on your clear coat.  The next time you run your car through a car wash, run your fingers across the paint after its done.  Does it feel rough or gritty?  It probably does unless you have a very new car.  What is causing that?  In most cases it is normal road contaminants like tiny bits of rubber, asphalt or environmental particles that fuse with your paint and cannot be removed by conventional washing.  An auto detail is a more in-depth procedure that uses special materials and techniques to remove those stubborn contaminates, bring the paint and interior components back closer to showroom new condition, and is a great way to keep you car, truck or SUV in top condition.  If you are getting ready to sell a car, just bought a used car or just want to maintain your car as best as possible,  auto detailing is a service that is well worth the investment.  At A List Detail we want to make your auto detailing experience easy and affordable.  Our pricing is simple with no hidden fees and we can detail your vehicle at your home or office. As full auto restoration experts, we can do things that other detail shops can’t (or won’t).  Just because you have a prancing horse or a bull on your badge doesn’t mean you should get fleeced.

Having your auto detailed right has never been easier in Fort Worth.


What It Includes:

(Mobile Service Available. All vehicles are inspected at the time of completion.)

Do you need luxury mobile detailing in Fort Worth, TX?

A List Detail offers elite-level car detailing services for all types of vehicles including specialty trucks, luxury SUV’s and even top-end RV’s.   We’ve worked on nearly 2,000 vehicles of all types including a high number of luxury and exotic vehicles.  We can replicate shop conditions in the field.   This is important for many high-end vintage and exotic cars owners who may not want to move a specialty vehicle.  We are a full service restoration shop, so feel free to call us with special needs or just questions you might have about auto detailing or automotive restoration.  We are happy to give feedback and advice.

-Car detailing
-Interiors and exteriors
-Wide range of auto restoration services
-Ceramic & Graphene Coatings

-Protective Glass Coatings
-Full paint correction
-Moderate Pricing
-Mobile services available
-In-depth customer support

-Much more! 

Cars are what we do.  We love to work on them.  If auto detailing is something on your wish list we’d love to make to make that wish come true.   Give us a call to set up a time that works for you.   (817) 966-44

exotic car detail
Aston Martin Vantage Convertible
luxury car detail
Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Exotic Car Detail

It is a very comprehensive restorative detail specially designed for classic, luxury and exotic cars. This detail is significantly more involved than our standard detail. It includes a much more comprehensive engine detail, full exterior paint correction, and uses special materials designed for exotic cars. For example we finish all Porsche vehicles with a wax that was developed by Porsche. We have similar products for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and a host of other super-exotics.

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