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Texas Weather and Cars…what can I say?  On Friday night we were supposed to get about 1 hour of rain at 11pm according to our weather apps.  What we got instead was two hours of hurricane like winds, lightning and torrential rain.  Our power went out and stayed out till 6:00AM.  The next morning, we found that the storm had destroyed both of our storage sheds, part of our roof and part of our new fence.  Luckily our two cars were tucked safely away in our garage.  However, many of our neighbors do not have enough garage space to house even one vehicle let alone two.  Although, most of them were fortunate to have no automotive damage, some were not so lucky.

Texas Weather and Cars

Texas weather and cars can be a bad mix.  With the severity of sun and the frequency of fall and spring storms Texas car owners have a lot more to deal with than many other car owners in different parts of the country.  That’s why we often encourage clients to consider services such as ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window tinting.  Sure, none of these things will help against a tree falling on your car, but they will help against things like sun damage (both oxidation of your paint and your interior materials), scratches, chemical damage and the like.

Texas has some of the most severe weather of any state in the Union and also has some very nice cars.  The best thing you can do for your special vehicle is to store it in a garage when not in use.

We are originally from the Pacific Northwest, a land full of rain but little other adverse weather.  Very little in the way of storms, almost no tornados, no hurricanes, blizzards or anything else.  Sometimes in the Spring you will get a light breeze.  Other than the cars being wet almost constantly, there weren’t too many other issues.  Texas Weather and Cars is an idea that doesn’t always go together.  It’s sunnier but more severe.

Protecting Texas Cars from Day One

At A-List Detail Fort Worth, we’ve protected more than 140 cars from the nasty Texas weather.  From ceramic coating for your painted surfaces and even windshield, to special protective coatings for your leather and wheels, we can put together a package that will give you peace of mind, the next time the Texas weather acts up.  Our ceramic coating projects take 2 to 3 days to complete, and we use the best USA produced ceramic coating products we can find.  We can document the ceramic coating with CARFAX so there is an official record making your vehicle more valuable as a trade in or a sale.  Texas Weather and Cars doesn’t need to be a hassle in your life.

Learn more about protecting your special car, truck or SUV by checking out our ceramic coatings page.  For information about protective films and clear bras check out our friends at Sharp Auto Shields.



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