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Why Ceramic Coating in Texas is Important.

Believe it or not the above photo is of a normal Walmart parking lot in Texas on any given day.  No Kidding.

Ceramic Coating in Texas is important because of our extreme weather.  Visit the parking lot of Walmart and  you will understand. You’ll see at least half a dozen cars or trucks with their clear coat partially or even completely burned off. What happened? Were they painted incorrectly? Sometimes that is the case but in this sunny and very hot environment, automotive paint jobs have to endure much more extreme environmental conditions than they do in other parts of the country. That’s why ceramic coatings are so important for cars and trucks here in Texas.


What is Ceramic Coating?

So what is “ceramic coating”? If you are a car or truck kind of person, chances are you have heard of ceramic coating. You are inundated with the term “ceramic” each time you go to the automotive supplies section of Walmart or Autozone. Dozens of products are classified as “ceramic” or “ceramic infused” or what have you. All of these products are not true ceramic coating. True ceramic coating is a type of liquid acrylic that is applied by hand to your clear coat using special sponges and finishing techniques.


Why is Ceramic Coating Helpful?

Once cured, ceramic coating is very strong and resilient to scratches. It also has excellent hydrophobic qualities and will make it much easier to maintain your paint. In a very intense environment like we have here in Texas, it is especially important to protect your paint. A true ceramic coating process may cost a few hundred dollars which is far less than the several thousands of dollars it would cost to paint your car again. Once your clear coat is breached and peeling it is too late. The panel or vehicle will need to have paint work.

Consider ceramic coatings as a way to protect your car or truck paint from the Texas sun. It’s affordable and your car or truck will look amazing for years to come. To learn more visit our website.

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