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Why Car Maintenance is so much harder here.

Custom auto detailing can do several things for a car owner in Fort Worth. These things are even more important in an environment with extreme weather like Fort Worth or North Texas.  Detailing can help to maintain critical components of your car. Your paint for example is a critical component of your car and very expensive to replicate if damaged.  We see a lot more cars with severely damaged clear coat here than we did in the NW.  The stronger sun is partly to blame, but we are convinced that Texas residents do not take as good care of their paint as our NW counterparts.

Using Detailing to Maintain a Car’s Value

Auto detailing helps maintain and even improve your cars value.  Used cars are at a premium and keeping your car looking new can make you a lot of money.  You might not care about the condition of your car until you go to sell it.  Then, condition is going to be paramount.  Two identical cars with similar mileage can have drastically different resale values based on condition.  According to Kelly Blue Book, the difference in resale value of a car that is in excellent condition vs. poor condition can be thousands of dollars.  Go to  to determine the value of your car.  Even if you have neglected your car, a good detail can revitalize it.  However, maintaining a car over its lifetime is cheaper than trying to fix everything right before selling the car.

Spend a little, Save a lot

Proper auto detailing done over the life-time of ownership of your car will save you money and make you money when you go to sell the car. Remember how we discussed all those cars we are seeing in Fort Worth with ruined clear coat? Well a proper paint job on a car can cost easily $5,000 or more. Replacing ruined carpet or damaged upholstery can easily cost in the thousands of dollars. In most cases, regular cars can’t justify these levels of repairs. However, periodic detailing can maintain a vehicle so that this level of damage and degradation never takes place. This can be done for hundreds of dollars not thousands and can easily be reclaimed when you go to sell your car and get a higher price for it. So how does auto detailing resolve these issues before they even start? Let’s look at paint first.

Protective Coatings

Think of the paint on your car like the skin on your body. Sitting in the sun too long without protection can cause damage to the skin. Your car’s paint is exactly the same way. The UV radiation from the sun beats down on it and breaks it down over time. Properly maintaining and protecting the paint is a lot less expensive than having the car repainted.  Waxing the paint will help but the Fort Worth it makes sense to do more.  What can you do? Well, one of the best things you can do for your car’s paint is to ceramic coat it. Ceramic coating has two characteristics to it.  It is hydrophobic and will repel water, dirt and other environmental contaminants and will help protect against UV radiation.  In addition, ceramic coating is many times harder than the clear coat on your car.  Say goodbye to scratches.

Paint Correction. What is it exactly?

It’s easy to damage automotive paint.  Environmental issues or using a machine car wash too many times will do it. This is an area where you will need to have a professional auto detail done and in the Fort Worth area many of the “detail” shops that are mostly hand-wash services do not have the capacity to perform what is called “paint correction”. Paint correction is the systematic removal of issues in the paint (scratches, discolorations, etc.) using mechanical buffers and finishing techniques. I have about 17,000 hours of paint correction experience so there is very little that we have not seen and can’t resolve.

Don’t forget the inside

Interior components of your car like the dash and door panels need to be protected to. The sun can damage your dashboard easily and to a lesser degree can cause damage to your door panels and other soft material. There are several products that can help to protect these internal components and regular detailing (annually) can ensure that your interior components stay in good shape.

The final details. Sorry we just had to.

Custom Auto Detailing in Fort Worth has one other area that is a little different than what we were accustomed to in the NW. It may not seem like a big deal to residents of Fort Worth but we notice it and it can be an issue when you go to sell your car. Down here the wheel wells of the cars all look terrible. Why is that? Well it appears that aspects of the environment like “Texas mud” permanently discolor the wheel well area. On our mobile rig certain stains on the wheel wells are not dirt, they actually appear almost like a bleached spot. Sounds crazy to care about this but cleaning these doesn’t seem to be enough so we actually re-spray the interior wheel wells to make them look brand new.  You can learn all about detailing by going to our website:

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