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luxury car Detailing in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has its fair share of luxury cars.  As a custom auto detail service with more than a decade of experience we want to be the service you choose to detail your special luxury vehicle.  The word detail means a lot of different things here in Fort Worth.  We’ve found “detailing” means a lot of different things to different people in DFW.  To some it’s not much more than a hand car wash, whereas for others it’s very sophisticated and approaching auto restoration. 

Our mantra is “Rejuvenate, Restore, Repel”.  This concept helps to explain the many definitions and sophistication levels of the terms “custom car detail”. 

Firstly, some people just want their car to be clean so they regularly use machine car washes to achieve this.  This is the lowest level of car care in our opinion.

Secondly, for those with newer cars that want to avoid the swirl scratches caused by machine washing,  hand wash services are an option.  Most of these services also claim to do car detailing,  but their definition of detailing often falls short of most industry performance levels.  

Thirdly, some car owners are seeking restorative work on their paint, interior and wheels.  This next level of car care is where we start to shine.  Remember the first word in our mantra “Rejuvenate”?  Here in Fort Worth “Luxury Car Detailing” should refer to  a service which includes all of the necessary jobs needed to bring a car back to showroom condition.   That is to “rejuvenate” it.  For example, this includes full paint correction, leather and wheel restoration and protective coatings for your paint and glass when needed.

In Fort Worth luxury car detailing can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.   In fact, we specialize in luxury car detailing that is high quality but moderately priced.


At A List Detail, our passion is cars and we do all the work on your special car or vehicle ourselves.   We are one of a handful of shops offering full luxury car detailing in Fort Worth that includes complete paint correction, wheel restoration, leather restoration, ceramic coating and glass protective coatings. 

Learn more about ceramic coatings.

We are fully mobile, providing affordable premiere car detailing in Fort Worth and surrounding areas for those who need vehicles done at their home or office.

If you want to get a better understanding of how to maintain your car and how detailing can enhance its value be sure to read our article, Custom Auto Detailing in Fort Worth:  The Ultimate Guide.  It has lots of helpful information.

A List Detail is also a certified Glassparency Installer.

I have had Jeff detail about a dozen air-cooled vintage Porsche cars over the years and he has always done an excellent job and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend A List Detail and Jeff for any of your auto detailing needs."
C Boen
Founder - Porsche Marketplace
"I was a vintage Porsche broker for more than 15 years. In that time, I had never worked with a better auto detail specialist and restorer than Jeff Gordon who now owns A List Detail. Always outstanding work within budget. He worked on more than 60 Porsche cars with us over 5 years time."
D Maxwell
President - EuroFastCars

Exotic Car Detailing

My name is Jeff Gordon (no relation to the NASCAR champion) and my first word was “car”.  Not kidding.  I grew up loving sports cars and became a Ferrari fanatic at an early age.  When I was 12 years old I began making models of all the cars I wanted when I grew up.  Little did I know that I wouldn’t necessarily own all of the cars I collected, but I would get to work on them for an array of great clients.  If passion about cars is critical to your decision making on who details or restores your vehicle then you are on the right website.  I love cars and I love making them look perfect.  After 8 years and roughly 2,000 cars, I still love doing it.  Read on to understand how we are different than the other detail services you are considering.

 We have state-of-the-art mobile detailing equipment that makes it easy for us to achieve showroom results in the field.  In addition to being  a full-service detail shop, we can also perform show-winning restorations onsite.   We also offer ceramic and other protective coatings and are a Glassparency Certified Installer.  We are wheel and leather restoration experts.

Our details and restorations have been performed on vehicles that went on to be showcased in the Dupont Registry, won Concours events, and sold for record prices.  We are not your average detail shop.  Yet we are priced very moderately.  We found that even people wealthy enough to own Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s and Bentley’s like to get great work at a fair price.

We use special materials often co-developed by manufacturers to be used on their specific vehicles.  For example, we use special waxes made by Porsche to hand finish the paint on your Porsche.  We use special leather treatments developed by Rolls Royce on all British vehicles including Bentley and Range Rover. 

Custom Auto Detailing in Fort Worth doesn’t have to be complicated.  It doesn’t have to break the bank.  When it comes time to pick a detail service that can do everything you need and more, pick the one that can actually restore an entire vehicle.  You may not need that level of expertise, but you will notice the difference when we detail your car.  Call us today and tell us about your special car or truck.

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